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About Schechter

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  • History of the School

In 1956 the first Solomon Schechter Day School was organized in Brooklyn, NY. Next, the first Solomon Schechter High School was opened in 1968. Today there are 70 Schechter chapter schools in 20 US States and 2 provinces in Canada..

Solomon Schechter Schools offer children value-based programs, teaching them about the sanctity of daily life within a fun and nurturing environment. The school’s educational philosophy is to integrate Jewish and general studies in ways that enrich one another.

A Schechter education strives to achieve standards of excellence across the curriculum: It incorporates Jewish knowledge in Torah, Rabbinic texts and Siddur, mitzvot and ethical values, skills and competencies in math and science, literature and creative expression, social studies and the arts. Fluency and literacy in Hebrew give the students the ability to study Jewish sacred texts in their language of origin. The curriculum integrates the principles of Conservative Judaism and teaches students an appreciation and comfort with the rituals, customs and practices of Jewish living.

Children learn how to engage with and respect others. The schools work in partnership with parents and the community to prepare a new generation of spirited, knowledgeable, committed Jews and responsible citizens.Schechter High School graduates have an excellent rate of acceptance to their first choice college or university, including the Ivy League Schools and other elite academic programs. The highest rated 50 colleges and universities in the United States admit Schechter graduates to their ranks where they frequently excel.

  • Mission Statement

The Solomon Schechter Day School of Las Vegas provides an outstanding secular education in a dynamic Jewish setting. It is our goal to instill in our students a lifelong love of learning and discover a healthy self-image, and a strong, positive Jewish identity. Each student’s ability to think critically is developed through a dual-language program. Additionally, our school fosters an appreciation of both Jewish and American cultures. We strive for educational excellence by encouraging inquiry, discussion, and creativity, while promoting intellectual integrity in a warm, personal, and highly motivating atmosphere. Our students receive personalized instruction to address their needs, develop their abilities, and stimulate their interests. The school guides each student on a path toward success by fostering the fulfillment of his or her individual potential through a uniquely integrated curriculum of general and Jewish studies.

  • Associations

  • Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools (PNAIS)
  • Subscriber School
  • www.pnais.org
  • Solomon Schechter Day School Association
  • www.ssdsa.org
  • Educational Philosophy

The Solomon Schechter Day School of Las Vegas has been in existence for seven years. The Schechter School offers a comprehensive general and Judaic program to elementary school students. Our dual curriculum affords students an opportunity to grow academically, socially and spiritually. We are committed to providing students with instruction that will be stimulating and enriching while enhancing critical thinking skills throughout the curriculum. We will actively engage all students in the learning process and inspire them to live their daily lives with courage, compassion and joy of Judaism. In addition, we promote and advocate a partnership between home and school. Together, we will create the bond necessary for all students to excel.

  • Schechter Board of Directors

- Jeff Zucker- Board Chair

- Scott Ober- Head of School

- Michelle Barney

- Abbie Friedman

- Rabbi Felipe Goodman

- Ed Kainen

- Dr. David Lanskowsky

- Julie Ostrovsky

- Joshua Pianko

- Lynn Rosenberg

- Elaine Silverman

- Alan Sklar

- Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel